Solo Exhibit

"If you love art.. do yourself a favor and get your butt over to The Art Garage in Green Bay to see Melvin McGee's "Painted Stories" before February 23rd... absolutely amazing!!!" -Kevin K 


 "I attended the artist reception last night and felt revived and inspired after!" -Mosaic Arts


"It's amazing. Definitely recommend the experience for anyone who wants to see great art and listen to a great story." -Steve K 


"His show was awesome! Can’t say enough good things about it. I told people at work today to go & I plan on going back again. Loved the audio commentary he did!"  -Melissa M


"Well worth the visit!! Thank you Melvin McGee for all your whimsy, imagination, and insight on inspirations." -Zoe M 


"Hey folks...go check this out. Melvin has an eye for details you won't forget." -Larry M


 "Very impressive show tonight." -John S


"I went on this great adventure tonight which lasted 35 minutes, it brought me back to the land of wonderment and enchantment." -John G 


"Had a great time with Melvin McGee. You are a truly talented man blessed with a way to let people see the world from a joyful perspective." -Tim Z

 "So many more amazing pieces to see at The Art Garage in Green Bay!"    -Aaron Q  


"Melvin McGee knows how to captivate, hold your interest and transport you to another world." -Stella G


"Amazing Experience"  -Michelle S