Melvin McGee Scholarship Fund will pick one high school student to take paid for art classes at Molly Johnson Studios.  This student has to show motivation towards the arts.  They might not be a top student or they might learn in a different way.  I was a student with these characteristics.  Art class was always my favorite subject in school.  I did not excel in art myself.  I often received C and D's in class.  But I never gave up.  I just saw the world differently than the one my teacher portrayed.  I don't want to reward bad behavior though.  This student has to show that they are trying their best.  They must follow school rules.  And have respect for their teachers and class mates. 

It is an 8 week program, Monday thru Friday, doors are open 9am-9pm. The Student will have an easel set up to work on exercises, but also the ability to mingle with the other students and just hang out at the studio. They will meet with one of the art instructors once a week to go over progress on studies. Often they will just grab easels and head outside to paint, and be invited to just be a part of our art community.

Every time you purchase a Melvin McGee print or original painting some of the money will go towards this Fund.  My goal is to raise enough money for more students and possibly start changing our community. 

Melvin McGee

If you don't want to buy any Melvin McGee art and would like to just donate to this cause, please send checks to:

Melvin McGee

490 Superior Rd

Green Bay, WI 54311

Any questions or comments about this program please feel free to email Melvin at or call at 920-362-6711